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Pond’s Awards P1 Million to Guess the Guy Mystery Promo Winner

Pond’s, the most trusted name in skin and the leading face care brand in the Philippines, recently concluded the successful Pond’s Beauty Powder ‘Guess the Guy’ Mystery Promo. The entire nation eagerly followed the romance as they dropped their entries and gave their best guesses as to who was the mystery guy that fell for Pond’s Girl Karel Marquez’ beautifully smooth, clear skin – the athlete Diego, the best friend Francis or the artist Lee. During revelation night, Pond’s held the Guess the Guy Reveal Party, where the nation witnessed the artist, LEE, revealing himself as the secret admirer of Karel and declaring his love for her.

Of all the girls who voted for Lee as Karel’s secret admirer, it was Gina Penoy, a 23-year-old girl from Cotabato City, who won the One Million Peso grand prize.

Being a loyal user of the Pond’s Oil & Pimple Control Beauty Powder has definitely paid off for Gina Penoy. Ever since the product was launched, Gina has been using the Pond’s Beauty Powder everyday to control oil, prevent pimples, even out her skin tone and make her skin porcelain smooth. She also has a bottle of the beauty powder in her bag everywhere she goes, making her routine touch-ups easy and convenient. Using Pond’s Beauty powder in her favorite Pink Blush variant has finally paid off for Gina – not only did she look like a million – using the Pond’s Beauty Powder won her a million as well!

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