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Pondís Oil & Pimple Control Beauty Powder Awards Prizes
for the Guess the Guy Mystery Promo

Pondís, the world-class skin care expert and leading facial care brand in the country, recently awarded various prizes to 25 lucky girls from all over the country at the preliminary draws of the Pondís Beauty Powder Guess the Guy Mystery Promo at Robinsonís Place Manila.

Seven girls won a vacation package worth Php 30,000 each, 10 girls received a shopping spree gift of Php 10,000, and eight luckily brought home brand new Nokia 7250i cell phones.

The Pondís Beauty Powder Guess the Guy Mystery Promo Grand Draw will be held on July 31, 2004 during the exclusive Pondís Guess the Guy Reveal Party at the Expo Exchange in Greenbelt 1. A grand prize of One Million Pesos awaits the lucky girl. The Pondís Mystery Guy will also be revealed in simultaneous Guess the Guy reveal parties nationwide in the most popular bars in Manila, Cebu and Davao. Watch out for the live coverage of the revelation party in Studio 23 to be followed by the much-awaited new Pondís Guess the Guy reveal TV ad!

Photo shows 15-year-old Pondís Beauty Powder user and winner of a Nokia 7250i Karen Heidi N. Panis, flanked by the three Pondís Mystery boys Ė Francis, Diego and Lee.

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