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Premier Designers Stages Fashion Preview

Fashion designers EDGAR MADAMBA, RICHARD PAPA, LITO PEREZ AND EDGAR SAN DIEGO presented recently their fashion collection at the NBC Tent in line with the Philippine Fashion Week 2004.

EDGAR MADAMBA showed his mastery of couture inspired from the 50's era but instead of an all-out glamour like ball gowns, Edgar opted to create a more young, relaxed and practical ensembles but without forgetting the 'sexiness' in its totality. Highlights of Madamba's collection: Balloon skirts in pastel with clever use of handpainting and airbrushing details like roses and hibiscus (gumamela). Soft tailored tops emphasized the curves of the body. The bubble skirts. Cocktail dresses with fringe details borrowed from the 20's. Dare to wear gowns in black and white. Christian Dior inspired formal dresses. The GOYA glamour skirts embellished with bias strips with fully beaded tops all in white. PINK balloon skirts in organza with dainty beadworks in black for contrast and 'pink on pink' as an option. With a fully beaded quilted bustier. And a wedding gown in pina sans embellishments.

RICHARD PAPA is an avid fan of Hollywood and a 'mentor' of beauty queens and his collection reflect his ideal model --- tall, sexy, foxy and a full-figured woman. Highlights of Papa's collection: Spanish-inspired gold, bronze and aqua cocktail mini dress. Roman-inspired silver gray cocktail mini dress with drape shawl skirt. Roman-inspired gowns and cocktail dresses in coral pink and red. Pink and black Spanish-inspired gowns with ruffled skirts and cabbage roses. Pretty Spanish dresses in plum. Spanish-inspired nude color georgette gowns fused with indigenous ' tinalak ' fiber. Tinalak barongs for men. Burgundy moire with Spanish lace applique and 'feather' accents long formals. Beaded bronze blouses with aqua ruffled skirts. Erte-inspired column dresses in lilac with green drape accents. And a wedding dress with an off the shoulder short top and a mini pouf drape shawl skirt.

LITO PEREZ showed a new brand of wit and creativity with his take off from Japan's premiere export - the Anime cartoons, a very popular TV series among the youth today. Two colors dominate the collection - White and Black. These colors embody the human side of the characters - the 'good' and the 'bad'. Highlights of Perez's collection: Samurai-inspired pants with metallic accessories in white linen canvas for the adventurous men. Handpainted long skirts for women and silk shirt tops for men with abstract designs inspired by noted artist Jackson Pollock. Woven plastic and wire dresses softened with asymmetrical skirts. BLACK gowns with lame overlay.

EDGAR SAN DIEGO is the designer-artist who took his fashion route back into the 1920's collection with a twist. Even as a costume designer, the 1920's is one of Edgar's favorite periods because its character is very similar to the current styles today --- very easy, feminine, graphic, dramatically elegant and sexy inspite of the depression. Highlight of San Diego's collection: Picnic outfits - black and white in stripes and plain light cotton pleated skirts and shorts, over shirts matched with lycra tank tops and low waist shorts. Plus accessories like native hats and bags, paper parasol and authentic 1920's fan. Black and white striped georgette trousers and pleated drop waist skirts ala Marlene Dietrich complete with hats, berets, neckties, slim belts and two-toned mules. Black barong collection used as tux shirts for the black suits with pinstriped pants. Blue and black evening wear in printed silk organza and black lace traced with turnazul crystals. Monochromatic blue chiffon is draped over to create a softer look. Chiffon draped over see-through bodice with electric pleated black skirt in blue, fuschia and red. Neo-Filipiniana 20's style in stripe organza, nude lace and printed silk. And a Neo-Filipiniana wedding ensemble in chiffon and georgette with a soft blouson and serpentina silhouette with lace sobre falda. Accessories by Romy Young.

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