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Roberto Verino 2004 Spring Fashion

Roberto Verino conjures oneiric and ethereal beings of awesome appearances that dare to abandon the world of dreams and to give up expired archetypes to step on dry land with great self-assurance.

He gathers inspiration from Sirens, their fable, the sea.... Anew woman, reborn free, who emerges boldly from the waters challenging age-old prejudices regarding the ideal of femininity.

Quintessential beings identifying with a new generation of men and women for whom intelligence and sensibility are the only way of expressing Beauty today. For them, Roberto Verino explores completely new avenues in his collection.

Shattering preconceptions, he is Committed to dazzling and audacious colours of urban exoticism that bring to mind mythical summer metropolitan centers, where tropicalism and asphalt go hand in hand.

He Seduces with the whites and the slivers of the divine and eternal beach, precisely the one where sirens removed their mother-of-pearl scale gowns to dive into today's style of marked designs.

He Envelops with asymmetrical and destructured forms swarming with exquisite harmony and savoir-faire. He takes pleasure in delicate materials of amazing richness: gold and silver, metalized leather, Chantilly lace, handmade stitch, diaphanous chiffons, and accessories of marine reminiscence.

And finally, he provokes. He Provokes sublimating the magical and sensual songs of sirens. A seduction that goes beyond the limits of provocation, of what is allowed, adopting an appearance of sophisticated audacity, and with the courage of being differnt, sexy, and elegant by the same token.

Source: Perfumes Roberto Verino Press Folder

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