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The Scent of Bulgari Blu

A perfume is like a time capsule. A mere whiff of it can bring a flood of memories - a moment of extreme passion, a lover's caress, an enchanting walk under a moonlit night. Such are the feelings evoked by a perfume.

Sensual and mysterious, Bulgari Blu Notte recently unveiled its two new refined fragrances for men and women. In Blu Notte pour Femme, the sophisticated scent of iris is merged with the refined essence of galanga, blended with the sharp accords of mandarin and bergamot and the scent of ginger. A mix of vodka invigorates, while the mysterious and enveloping aroma of dark chocolate stirs and awakens the senses.

The Blu Notte pour Homme, on the other hand, mixes the seductive notes of lavender with tobacco flowers, resulting in a warm, enveloping scent tinged with the vibrant esence of galanga, the energetic notes of neroli, bergamot and cardamom. The wenge's luxurious woody and precious notes blend into the deep and mysterious aroma of dark chocolate, disclosing a daring and irresistibly seductive scent.

The launch night was highlighted by a poetic ballet performance by Erica Marquez and  Lucas Jacinto of Philippine Ballet Theater and a sprinkling of society's crème dela crème. Hosts at the intimate party were Luxasia's Mia Nolasco Cuenca, Ann Wongchuking, Vicky Marchadesch and April Marquez. Also seen were fashion icon Rhett Eala, architect Gil Coscolluela, Elbert Cuenca and Philip Cu-Unjieng.

Some say the Blu Notte, which captures the essence of night, is a the antithesis of the Bulgari Blu, which is best worn during the day. They smell almost identical in the beginning, but Notte is a lot darker, richer. The bottle, in fact, reinterprets the classical and contemporary design of Blu and Blu pour Homme. If you have both, then good for you.

Bulgari Blu Notte pour Homme and pour Femme are now available in leading department stores.


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