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Skincode - Breaking the code of silence

By Gesel Pereyra-Mangilit as written for The Daily Tribune (www.tribune.net.ph).

They say age is nothing but a number but when it comes to revealing it, women prefer to keep that info under lock and key. Maybe all that tight lipped obstinacy about age might have something to do with the fine lines we later on discover in front of the mirror. Who knows? If that be our karma, or should I say fate, since aging, no matter how you try to stop it from showing, is inevitable, then we certainly need help from science more than ever.

The 30s is said to be a woman's prime years. I couldn't agree more. But work, motherhood and, for some, school, crammed in, can take their toll on the skin Though the advances of technology have certainly made facial products a bit pricey, I am a firm believer of the idea that you don't really need to spend an arm and a leg to get fantastic skin. There were times when I'd rather raid the contents of my kitchen or ref for that all-natural facial quick-fix. But then, it's a lot easier to just buy a beauty product and save myself the bother of fixing up the mess I've made in the kitchen.

Was it Divine providence then or pure luck that days before my 30th birthday my editor asked me to go to a private lunch with beauty experts at Rustan's Tea Bar in Makati to discuss the one thing about my body that I'm really conscious of, my face. In fact, I have to share this, each morning, whenever I find the time I do my Sex in the City Charlotte York routine in front of the mirror, scouring around for tell tale signs of wrinkles like fine lines, crow's feet and uneven spots, wondering how much time I have before it actually shows.

While eating a light lunch of salad greens and mango iced green tea, my "beauty experts" and I got right down to talking about their latest product, Skincode, a skincare line developed by the Swiss that has a new range of anti-aging products dubbed as Skincode Exclusive. How exclusive is exclusive then? I asked. The product contains an organic complex specially developed by the Swiss' called the Active Cellular Revitalizing (ACR) Complex. This, combined with other vegetal lifting ingredients, reduces visible lines and wrinkles for people over 30 years. Based on skin research, volunteers showed 26 percent improvement on over all health and appearance after only 11 days of use. Imagine that. And the cost? P6,000 for the whole line which includes the Cellular Cleansing Milk (P595, 200 ml), Cellular Revitalizing Toner (P595, 200 ml), Cellular Face Lifting Gel (P1,195, 30 ml), Cellular Face Cream (P995, 50 ml), Cellular Eye Contour Cream (P995, 15ml) and the Cellular Eye Zone Serum (P995, 15 ml).

What's with all the cellular talk? According to Jenny Teves, "Our skin is essentially made of cells. Our cellular batteries lose their energy as we age so that cell regeneration slows down. The ACR complex in Skincode penetrates the skin and recharges and revitalizes those dull skin cells." And what about allergic reactions? She said that because the ingredients are derived from plants, it is safe for delicate or allergy prone skin. "We also get a lot of men buyers because the packaging of the product, which is in transparent blue, doesn't look feminine. In fact this latest skin care line is but an offshoot of the first Skincode line we launched, which is developed for the teenaged skin." I've road tested it for quite some time and the result I got is just as they had told me. Moisturized skin that's a bit velvety and the scent is not to overpowering, just a light clean fragrance.

Though it may take a while before I do develop those fine lines, I take consolation from the idea that I really don't have to lie about my age so long as I have science to help me move back the hands of time. Maybe by then, other women like me who are likewise past the age of 30 would also break the so called code of silence when talk goes around about age.

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