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Do's And Dont's Of Teen Dating

Teen dating can be both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. To
keep the stress level down, young daters should keep in mind that teen
dating is more a way of developing one's social skills than finding a
soul mate. Before going out on a tryst, here are a few dating tips from
Bambini Baby Cologne:

Involve your parents. Ask your parent's permission; don't go sneaking
around. Arrange to have your date pick you up at your house so you can
introduce him to your parents. Be responsible and stick to your curfew.
Most parents tend to become overprotective so talk to your folks and
show them that you deserve their trust. Remember that they only have
your best interest at heart.

Find out about the other person. Go beyond merely knowing your date's
name and how cute he looks. Don't go out with a person whom no one in
your trusted circle knows or is acquainted with. The thought of finding
love through text messaging and the internet is exciting but bad things
can happen like date rape so be very, very careful.

Be yourself. Be your best self when going out on a date but don't
pretend to be who you're not. If you discover before the rendezvous that
your escort has gone on trips abroad, read up about the culture of other
countries so you can carry on a decent conversation. Don't brag about
having gone surfing in Australia when the farthest you've ever really
gone is Baguio.

Do an activity you both like. Find a common ground and make plans about
doing an activity that you both enjoy. You can go out with a group and
play badminton together. Or if you're the artistic types, plan on
visiting the museum. There's more to dating than just dining out and strolling in the mall.

Enjoy the conversation. Maintain eye contact and smile. Don't hog the
conversation by going on and on about yourself. Ask questions and try to
discover what your date's interests are. Be a good listener.

Dress appropriately. Don't try too hard to appear attractive to the
other person by putting on too much makeup or wearing flirty outfits. Be
stylish, comfortable, modest and confident. Before stepping out of the house to meet your date, spray on the refreshing scent of Bambini Baby Cologne by The Rogemson Company Inc. To stay self-assured and nice-smelling, keep a bottle of your favorite Bambini Cologne in your bag.

There are nine variants to choose from Innocence, Giggles, Blush and Sixteen under the "Attitudes" line, and the "Frutshakes" range which includes Melon Marvel, Pineapple Pop,
Raspberry Rave, Dewberry Delight, Grapefruit Giddy, Mango Mania, Kiwi Kiss and Apple Ado. Bambini Baby Cologne is available in leading supermarkets nationwide.

Relax and enjoy the experience. Don't try to be Ms. Perfect or you'll
end up being too anxious and critical on yourself. Also, don't set
outrageous expectations on your date like counting on him to look like
Brad Pitt. Loosen up and have fun!


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