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Go Places While You Surf—The New Mobile Lifestyle

Picture this. You walk into the mall to hunt for the latest miniDV video cam. You enter the one-stop video cam store and immediately spot the one that you like. The salesperson, however, recommends another one, their latest model but definitely more expensive. Wanting to seek a genuine opinion, you decide to open your Centrino laptop at that exact moment and search the Internet for reviews about the recommended handy cam.

While you read the reviews, an e-mail pops up. It’s from your mom, who’s currently on vacation in El Nido with your family. She just sent you the full-length video of their stay in the beach. As a quick reply, you send her the reviews about the video cam, and in less than five minutes, you have your handy cam and you’re on your way to your own vacation in Boracay.

Does the situation seem familiar? Minus the beach and the handy cam, the situation seems less far-fetched. Think again. It may not be exactly as you imagine, but this is actually happening in today’s modern world.

Virtual reality and real life can now exist together.

You can go shopping without having to worry that the job company where you are applying may post an interview announcement. You can go to the mall or date your girlfriend without having to worry that you won’t be able to watch the semi-finals game between the Pistons and 76ers. With just a click on you 3G smart phone, or your Wi-Fi enabled laptop, you can receive television transmission of the do-or-die basketball game. You can go to the beach, or eat at the local karinderya or go mountain hiking while still connecting with the world!

The days of the dependent networks are over. You would no longer sit down in front of the computer doing your thesis while your friends are busy strolling in the mall. No more “sorry guys, I just can’t, I’m busy.” With the developments brought about by wireless technologies, life becomes more mobile, convenient and enjoyable.

In the Philippines, access to Internet may just be limited to certain places only—restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and airports—but come the near future, it will be possible to access Internet anywhere at anytime. What you just need is a Wi-Fi capable laptop and a wireless access, or a 3G phone and a network and you’re on your way to a never before seen experience.

Faster voice and data communications, access to the Internet wherever and whenever and versatility brought about by new applications are what wireless technologies offer nowadays.

Are wireless technologies really promising? Will Makati or Ortigas become wireless cities too? Will the world really turn into a one big wireless network?

Find out what’s shaping technology today at Asia’s leading technology shows CommunicAsia2005 and BroadcastAsia2005 from June 14-17 at Singapore Expo. Global leaders of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry will gather at the CommunicAsia2005 Summit, an industry conference held at the same time as CommunicAsia. Prominent industry figures including Dr. Mohammad Shakouri (WiMax Forum, USA); Alan Hellawell (Lehman Brothers); Thorsten Heins (Siemens Communications); Dato’ Abdul Wahid Omar (Telekom Malaysia); Mauri Metsaranta (Nokia) and Dr. Jiming Liu (ZTE, USA). Simultaneously, key players in the media industry will convene in BroadcastAsia2005 International Conference to discuss key issues about the industry, including production, opportunities in the mobile world, business issues and interactive television.

Plenary sessions with the CEOs of the ICT industry, called “CEO Perspectives,” will answer the issues haunting the industry. Panel discussions dedicated to “Let’s Be Content with Content,” “3G Bull (or Bear?)” and “VoIP Potential” will take place in the morning before the conference sessions commence.

“Let’s Be Content with Content” will tackle the impact of the mobile content provision on the mobile industry. Find out what are the new ways telco carriers and handset manufacturers are exploring to generate new revenue streams from mobile phone applications such as music, TV and games downloads. “3G Bull (or Bear?)” will look at where the 3G marketing is heading as well as the challenges alongside the rollout of this technology. “VoIP Potential” will dwell on the views of the decision-makers on the effect of Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol for both mobile operators and in terms of fixed-mobile convergence. More importantly, the shakers and movers of the ICT industry will postulate on where the next wave of ICT industry is heading.

Alongside the conferences are the CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia exhibitions showcasing top-of-the-line technologies from different ICT and broadcasting companies in the region. The Philippine companies Globe Telecom and PLDT along with several other telecommunications companies are gearing up to stage their innovative technology.

Singapore Exhibition Services, recognized for the high-impact trade shows and exhibitions in Asia, organizes the said events. CommunicAsia2005 is Asia’s most comprehensive infocomms event. For more information, log-on to http://www.communicasia.com and http://www.broadcast-asia.com.



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