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Top Fashion Brand Fornarina to Open Signature Shop at Gateway Mall

Europe's top fashion brand, Fornarina will open its signature shop in the Philippines at Araneta Center's latest landmark property development, the Gateway Mall, billed as "Like No Other Mall in the World".

Britney Spears and Fornarina FashionGianfranco Fornari founded Fornarina in 1947 in Italy. It captured the fashion world's attention in the eighties with its colorful cork wedges and clogs. Now under the founder's son, Lino Fornari, the brand has become a favorite among the younger set of top U.S. entertainment personalities. These include teen pop princess Britney Spears, the Olsen Twins, Nelly Furtado and Hillary Duff among others. Last year, Fornari SpA, Fornarina's mother company, reported sales amounting to $115 million or 91 million euros.

"Fornarina is about lifestyle: A woman who has fun playing, feels and dresses younger than she really is, mixes glamour, femininity and sports" says Lino Fornari who strongly believes in good marketing and strong advertising. He also noted that his company's core target has expanded from just the mid-teens to include those in their mid-20's over the past four years.

Fornarina, which has specialty shops in the U.S. and around the globe, opted to set up its signature outlet at the soon-to-open Gateway Mall because of its strategic location and first-of-its-kind features.

Fornarina's management saw the potential of the Gateway Mall, the first major leg of Araneta Center's Master Development Plan that will transform the Center into a "virtual city within a city", in providing for the lifestyle needs of the residents of the middle class communities, exclusive villages and upscale subdivisions surrounding the Center as well as the well-heeled spectators of Araneta Coliseum.

In a metropolis with numerous shopping options that are almost replicas of each other, the Gateway Mall stands out, as it is the only mall that links the LRT2 and MRT3 for unparalleled access. It is directly connected to the mecca of Philippine sports and entertainment, the Araneta Coliseum, with over 200 shows a year. The Gateway Mall will house the tropical-themed indoor floating garden known as the "Oasis," as well as the five-level "Gourmet Tower" featuring 30 of the best international and local casual and elegant dining restaurants, and a 10-screen Cineplex named "Times Square," which will feature state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Fornarina joins anchor Rustan's Department Store, the country's premiere upmarket shopping destination, plus several other unique stores that have yet to be seen in Philippine retailing scene in making the Gateway Mall, "Like No Other Mall in the World."

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