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Great Family Weekends through Touch Mobile’s Home Info Service

There’s more to weekends than just facing the boob tube, vegging out like a couch potato or sleeping the day away. Weekends are great opportunities for families to do things together and enjoy activities that will bring family members closer.

Touch Mobile’s Super Family 64K SIM Pack has a built-in Home Info Service that brings you a wide array of helpful tips for your whole family. Planning that perfect weekend pursuit is made easier with Touch Mobile’s Home Info Service. Check out the “Family Entertainment” guide for movie schedules and vacation getaways, or look into the “Directory” for nice restaurants around the metropolis. You can also keep your family trip unspoiled by traffic or unexpected rains by checking the “News and Info” service which provides weather reports as well as traffic updates for major thoroughfares. You can also get the results of your favorite sporting events, juicy showbiz tidbits, and late-breaking news updates.

No need to worry if you have to contact important people while away for the weekend. With Touch Mobile’s Instant Messaging and Mobile Mail, you can update people wherever you are and still enjoy your relaxing vacation with your family.

Moms and daughters who share a love of shopping can enjoy some female bonding when they download good buys and other tipid tips under the “Family Care” service. They can also brush up on their culinary skills with Touch Mobile’s selection of recipes which include the Recipe for the day, Budget Meals, Special Meals, Party Fare, Healthy Meals, Snacks and Desserts.

Husbands can learn a thing or two with the “Family Care” service, which freely dispenses tips on relationship building between you and your partner, child care tips, health tips and many more. You can also ensure that the family knows what to do in cases of emergencies with the First Aid tips found in “Family Care”.

Children will definitely enjoy Touch Mobile’s exciting “Fun and Games” service. Let your kids download a cool handypet, the latest ringtones and funny icons. They’re sure to be entertained by the Dream Interpretation service which helps you find the meaning of your dreams.

Don’t forget to cap your weekend praying as a family. With the Home Info Service ”Daily Guide”, you can get Biblical Quotes, Bible Reflections and Mass schedules which you can share with your spouse, siblings and children. 

With all these services found in the country’s family-centric cellular network, Touch Mobile, every weekend can be made fun, fulfilling and complete for the entire family. Shouldn’t your family be on Touch Mobile now? 

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