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Triax - Working up a sweat does not guarantee an effective workout

Begin the New Year right by taking off the extra pounds gained after the
holidays. Start by simply observing your food intake. Eat a low-fat,
balanced diet and reduce your consumption of saturated fats and oils. 
Take at least five servings of fruits and vegetables and drink eight glasses 
of water a day. For best results, partner a diet that works for you with
regular exercise..

A basic exercise program has three parts: (1) Cardiovascular – makes 
your heart stronger, increases stamina and burns calories. (2) Strength,
Weight or Resistance training – makes your muscles firmer. And (3)
Stretches – makes you more flexible.

Most people try to lose weight by doing cardiovascular exercises, where
the large muscles of the body (legs and arms) move in a rhythmic,
continuous manner. The simplest form is walking. Others are jogging,
running, swimming, dancing, aerobics, cycling etc. These activities
rejuvenate the body, however, working up a good sweat doesn’t
automatically mean that your routine is effective. One should pay
attention to the body’s most important muscle, the heart.

It is best to observe one’s heart performance during an exercise 
routine. Once you start doing that, everything else falls into place. Nike 
Timing delivers an efficient cardiovascular workout tool that measures one’s
heart rate versus the speed of the action. Nike Timing recognizes the 
body as a complex tool and designed monitoring watches easy to use and

The Monitoring Watches of Nike Timing

A heart rate monitor that has a 50-lap memory, targeted training zones,
data mode, two interval timers, view button, time/date display and 
alarm, one touch backlighting, battery hatch on watch and chest strap and
50-meter water resistance.

A heart rate monitor that incorporates a personal zone test; pulse, 
graph and data modes; dual time zones, date, alarm; real time calorie 
counter; anatomically designed chest transmitter, one touch backlighting, 
battery hatch on watch and chest strap and a 50-meter water resistance.

A heart rate monitor featuring targeted training zones, exercise
chronograph, time/date display and alarm, anatomically designed chest
transmitter, battery hatch on watch and chest strap and a 50-meter 
water resistance.

A heart rate monitor with an exercise chronograph, S-shaped design,
anatomically designed chest transmitter, easy two-button operation and 
a 30-meter water resistance.

A heart rate monitor specially designed for women. It includes a 
calorie counter, simple chronograph, two interval timers, dual time zones, 
mineral glass crystal, stainless steel bezel, battery hatch on watch and chest
strap and 50-meter water resistant.

All watches come complete with a tutorial CD to aid you in maximizing 
your exercise routine. The Monitoring Line is available at all Nike 
outlets, Time Studio and other authorized Nike Timing retailers nationwide.


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