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Tupperware's function over fashion in kitchen organization

Kitchens are the heart of every home. It is the central dwelling of the house and a homemaker's dream is to have the best kitchen design. But before letting the potential looks of a kitchen sway you, it's vital to ask yourself how your kitchen will really work. 'Function and not fashion' is the order of the day.

One design trend that goes in and out of fashion is a preference for open shelves and racks for wall-hanging utensils. It definitely looks good on those cooking shows but sadly, with the tropical weather here in the Philippines attracting dust and insects, it works poorly.

So the golden rule is, pots, pans, utensils, dishes and foodstuffs should be stored in closed cabinets and drawers. Why? Because if exposed surfaces in kitchens collect dirt and dust faster than anything else in your home, what more your pots and pans?

Ewwww! Panicking already? Not to worry, good thing Tupperware Philippines, one of the world's best-known manufacturers of contemporary products for the home with Tupperware containers in nine out of ten households in the country, offers advice as part of its information campaign to guide contemporary homemakers to creating, orderly, healthy and beautiful homes.

No one wants a kitchen that looks like an obstacle course so keep like things together; put heavy things lower and light things higher; keep all foods away from heat and keep things near the places where they will be used often. This makes things in the kitchen easier to find, retrieve and replace. To even be more organized, take advantage of the Tupperware Space Savers that keep food away from infestation with its airtight seals that seal out dust, moisture and other unwanted elements so food stays fresh longer.

When used properly, dry staples and ingredients will stay dry and moisture-free for a longer period of time and with its see-through feature and capacity indicator, you can keep track of your food so you'll know what to put inside and know when and what to replenish. These modular stackable containers are available in Round, Oval, Square and Rectangular sets that maximize cupboard space. And because they're from Tupperware, they're guaranteed for a lifetime.

All foodstuffs even canned and bottled ones, must be kept at cool to moderate temperatures. Try to keep these out of cabinets that adjoin the stove or refrigerator as these appliances generate lots of heat. Experienced cooks usually store like things together. Baking goods such as flour, sugars and baking powders are stored in one shelf while all spices and herbs in another.

With these insightful tips, you can create health, order and beauty in your home-the place where you live the most important parts of your private life-- with a little help from the homemaker's friend, Tupperware.

Tupperware offers Custom Kitchen Planning services for FREE to help you organize and maximize your cupboard space. Other Tupperware products may be ordered through a registered consultant by either hosting or attending a Tupperware party. It is also available at any of the mall kiosks and opportunity centers located nationwide.

For more information about Tupperware products and careers, see your nearest distributor or call 845-4798. For more comments, you may e-mail to philmktg@tupperware.com or write to Tupperware Philippines, P.O. Box # 1331, Makati Central Post Office 1253, Makati City.

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