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Untangle Hair Facts From Fallacies

Hair guru Tony Galvez strongly advocates that the 21st century woman break free from old wives' tales and cultural superstitions about hair and distinguish between hair fact and follicle fiction as she celebrates Women's Month. It is an annual event that recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments, concerns, and diversities of women's lives during the entire month of March.

Horse shampoo is good for growing new hair (tubo) or making it thicker (lago or kapal). "This applies only if you're a horse but seriously, if you hair type is similar to that of a horse-thick, coarse and hard, then it might just work. Even then I wouldn't advise it, because horse shampoos are basically made only to cleanse," says Galvez from his world-class salon at the Tony Galvez Centrum, a five-story health and beauty complex located at 124 9th Ave. near P. Tuazon, Araneta Center.

Frequent shampooing dries the hair. "Since we live in a tropical country, it would be healthy and hygienic to wash your hair everyday, especially if your hair is naturally oily and if your lifestyle exposes you to dust and dirt such as commuting or outdoor work," clarifies Galvez. He also adds that to prevent dryness, use a shampoo that has a ph5 formula such as Infiltrate Shampoo ph5.0 and condition with Infiltrate Rinse 5.0 which moisturizes your hair.

Short hair makes a woman look like a man. "Femininity is not in the length of the hair but in the combination of shape, style and color carefully designed to suit your individuality. But then again, womanhood is not defined by hair alone but by total acceptance of your own sexuality," advises Galvez as part of his 'Love Your Hair' advisory series aimed at making women be their own expert on their own hair.

To prove his point, Tony Galvez selects short hair styles from a recent issue of Your Hair magazine ideal for the coming hot summer months, as he pays tribute to the 21st century woman in celebration of Women's Month. With these designer hair styles, Galvez urges the Filipina to talk the talk, walk the walk and look the part.

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