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Elliptical Trainers

A machine that combines the lower body workout of bicycling and the upper body workout of skiing. It is similar to a stair stepper except that your legs move in an elliptical movement.

Photo credit: SmoothFitness

Simultaneously Work Out Your Upper and Lower Body Using Elliptical Trainers

Are elliptical trainers any good? Yes, based on elliptical reviews and user testimonials. Main benefit is getting a low impact cross training workout. 

Load resistance can be controlled, so you can get a strength training or calorie burning workout. Also, by shifting your body position forwards or backwards, you control the muscles being exercised.

Top Rated Elliptical Trainers

The Precor brand is well known, and even with the higher price, you get value for money. Another good company and model is from Smooth. The balance of quality and price is just right. Here are some of the best models and Elliptical Reviews:

Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer
Works both lower and upper body. It is 57" long by 22" wide. Has a heart rate control and 7 training programs. Comes with a 3 years parts and 1 year labor  warranty. Adjustable footplate accommodates people of various heights. Uses a roller-less design and all pivot joints have dual ball bearing for smooth elliptical motion. This is also a very quiet machine.

Precor EFX 5.21i

EVO XCITE Elliptical Trainer

You can get more Elliptical reviews from consumer guides, fitness, and manufacturer's websites.

History of Elliptical Crosstraining

The first elliptical cross trainers only gave a lower body workout, and if you were over 5' 6" tall you might have experienced a bouncy movement. In 1997, handles were connected to the foot pedals to add an upper body workout.

Some machines, like those made by Smooth Fitness, designed the resistance with a 3:1 ratio. The lower body has 3 times the resistance of the upper body, which matches our muscle structure. This prevents excessive upper body fatigue.


Some of the benefits of using elliptical cross trainers are: 1) low impact design, 2) upper and lower body workout, 3) takes up minimal space.

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