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Guide to Getting Fit

Fitness Tips

Here are fitness tips to help you lose weight and achieve a toned body. Plus guide to buying fitness equipment and accessories from online fitness stores.

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Fitness: Celebrity-Style

Celebrities with hordes of screaming and adoring fans, they all share a passion for physical fitness, and have created great-looking bodies by blending weight training and cardiovascular exercise in their workout programs at Mojo Gym!

Tips and Products for Permanent Weight Loss

There is a simple formula for losing weight permanently:

Healthy Foods + Regular Exercise = Permanent Weight Loss

To lose weight, our body must burn more calories than what we consume by eating and drinking. For example, if you eat 4,000 calories a day (approximately 2 big burgers w/ fries and coke) you body needs to burn at least 4,000 calories. Otherwise the excess calories will be stored as fat.

Simple as that. And if you must know the secret to losing fat, it is this:

Discipline, dedication, and total lifestyle change.

If you really want to lose weight, and by this I mean fat and not muscle, you must live a daily lifestyle where your body burns more calories than what you consume.

This means regular aerobic exercise, weightlifting, and a healthy diet. This the same for men and women.

For aerobic exercise, the best is still jogging. If you cannot jog outdoors, then the best option would be to buy treadmills or elliptical trainers. Even 15 - 20 minutes, 3 times a week will do wonders for your health and weight loss.

But aerobic exercise is not enough. A good way to burn fat is to gain muscle. This will increase your metabolism and help your body burn fat even while you are sleeping!

If you are a woman, do not worry. It is very difficult to put on muscle. By following a simple workout plan, you will get increased strength and toned muscles. You will not get the big muscles that men get.

The best place to work out is to join a gym. There you will get plenty of support from fitness trainers and motivation from seeing others workout. But if you want convenience and privacy, try buying home gyms. These are usually affordable, and most will work out the major muscle groups such as chest, arms, stomach, hips, back, and legs.

Weight Loss Tips

  1. Avoid fad diets. This will lead to yoyo dieting. Best is to have a lifestyle change and start eating healthy foods in moderate servings. Do not starve yourself.
  2. Exercise daily. Another lifestyle change. Give it a try for one month. You will notice that exercise makes you feel good because that body releases natural pain killers. That is why you get that good feeling after a workout. You will also feel more energized, confident, and be more attractive to the opposite sex.
  3. Healthy Diet + Regular Exercise. This is the real secret on how to lose weight... permanently!

How To Lose Fat Around Your Stomach and Get Ripped Abdominals

There is no real secret to getting a flatter stomach or ripped abdominals. All you have to do is to eat healthy, lose excess fat, and exercise your abdominals.

Here is the regimen used by my friend, who is a lifelong bodybuilder and former Mr. Philippines winner. He is a natural bodybuilder with a ripped and flat stomach all year round. Here are some tips on how to get a flatter stomach.

Start Eating Healthy Foods

To get a flat stomach, the first item to lose is excess fat around the midsection. The way to do this is by eating correctly. That means following a strict diet. For example, my friend is 180 pound of muscle, yet he only eats around 3,000 calories per day. He eats foods such as tuna, rice, eggs (including the yolk), bananas, and other natural foods low in fat.

Stomach Exercise

The best and fastest way to lose fat is to exercise. A total body exercise will increase your muscle and metabolism, and you will burn more calories even while resting. Follow a complete body fitness workout regimen to burn off excess fat. Note that fat around the midsection is usually the last fat that is lost.

For the stomach, simple exercises such as crunches, stomach raises, and side to side bends are great for building the stomach muscle, giving you the ripped abs effect.

My bodybuilding friend usually starts his daily workout with 25 minute stomach crunches. He lies on the floor and brings his elbows and knees together to complete one crunch.

He also does hanging leg raises or stomach raises. Here you are suspended by holding a chinning bar, then raise your legs to a horizontal position. This works your lower abdominal muscles.

He then finishes of by putting a bar over his back and swings it from side to side, working the oblique muscles. These help remove the "love handles."

Abdominal Fitness Products

There are many products out on the market that target the abdominal muscles. Personally I never use them, and just rely on doing simple exercises such as crunches, hanging leg raises, and side to side movements. These do not need any special abdominal fitness products.


Getting a flatter stomach requires a lot of dedication, discipline, and sacrifice. If abdominal fitness products will keep you motivated then by all means buy them. But basically a floor, healthy diet, and regular workouts is all you need to get that flat and ripped stomach.

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