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Expert Hair Care Tips

Here are some secret hair care tips from the experts and guide to some of the best hair care products you can buy online.

Separate the facts from fallacies, hair straighteners and how to prevent hair loss.

Hair Care Tips

Alopecia or Male Pattern Hair Loss

The common cause of hair loss is genetics. A hormone called Dihydrotestosteron (DHT) may increase hair loss and result in thinner hair. In the end, the hair follicles die out, resulting in permanent hair loss.

All natural this summer at Vivere Salon - Hair and scalp treatments

With the blazing heat of the sun and damaging effects of summer-produced elements, Vivere Salon offers All Natural Summer promo which presents five distinctive hair and scalp treatments catering to five specific needs and conditions.

Make good of bad hair

As enlightened women, we are aware that the role models held up for us are uniformly slim, well made-up, expensively dressed and perfectly coiffed—women without bad hair days at all.

Hairloss 911

Actually, hair loss is inevitable and normal. In fact, it is normal to lose between 75 to 150 strands daily. Losing this amount of hair is part of the natural life cycle of hair, and it allows room for new hair to grow.

Hair Guru Corrects Mistakes

On the occasion of Grandparent’s Day, hair guru Tony Galvez salutes grandmothers and great grandmothers. He addresses two of the most common mistakes among women in their senior years.

Franck Provost reveals haircut styles for the independent Filipina

Haircut styles and hair color techniques now cater to a more independent, career-oriented Filipina woman constantly on the go.

Untangle Hair Facts From Fallacies

Horse shampoo is good for growing new hair (tubo) or making it thicker (lago or kapal). "This applies only if you're a horse but seriously, if you hair type is similar to that of a horse-thick, coarse and hard, then it might just work. Even then I wouldn't advise it, because horse shampoos are basically made only to cleanse," says Galvez from his world-class salon at the Tony Galvez Centrum, a five-story health and beauty complex located at 124 9th Ave. near P. Tuazon, Araneta Center...

Pyto Healthy Hair Straightener

For some time now, many women have been quite obsessed with having smooth, perfectly straight hair. The advent of the hair rebonding and relaxing technology, and the proliferation of hair products designed to make hair look straighter are a testament to this beauty rage...

Strait Therapy Rebonding

For women who have been born with curly, wavy or frizzy mane, achieving straight hair is always a challenge. No amount of combing, conditioning, and chemicals could make their tresses naturally straight for a long period of time.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Hair Fall)

By Gesel Pereyra-Mangilit
We, women, can be as brutal and abusive of our hair. All in the name of beauty. No wonder the price we pay is just as high --- hair literally down the drain. When you start seeing less hair on your head and more on your bathroom sink or pillow, you had better do something -- and fast...

Look Fab and Still be Frugal

With the country’s fiscal crisis threatening to reduce our simple lives to the barest essentials, how does one keep out bad hair days in bad times?


Preventing Baldness and Hair Loss

Genetics and hereditary are usually blamed for the cause of baldness and falling hair. To slow down the rate of hair loss or baldness, you can try vitamin supplements. 

To lessen the amount of hair loss, try getting more Vitamin B complex. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) can be found in cheese, eggs, milk, fish, green vegetables, kidney, and yeast. Biotin (Coenzyme R, Vitamin H) found in egg yolk, milk, fruits, nuts, and unpolished rich may help as a preventive treatment for baldness.

Consult with your doctor and ask how much vitamin supplements to take to help prevent baldness.

Inositol, a Vitamin B complex, is said to help promote healthy hair and help in preventing hair from falling out. This can be found in health foods such as cabbage, cantaloupe, grapefruit, liver, peanuts, raisins, and wheat germ.

Disclaimer: This page is for informational purpose only and is not meant to provide any medical advice about baldness or hair loss. Please consult your doctor when it comes to your health and about preventing baldness or hair loss.


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