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Picture of a Home Gym Equipment

Home Gyms Shopping Guide

Shop online for some of the best in home gym equipment for building muscles (men) or for muscle tone (women).

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Home Gyms to Strengthen and Exercise Your Entire Body

Home gyms and muscle building or toning equipment are popular because you can strengthen and exercise your entire body at the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your home.

To start setting up, read some home gym articles and product guides to learn what types of home gym equipment are being sold in the market.

There are specific home gym equipment designed to perform specific exercises such as lat pull downs, chest pushes, triceps extension, leg press, and more. If you do not have much space, try the multi station gyms.

Important Features of a Home Gym Equipment

If you are looking to build muscle, then look for models that have enough weights built into the design (at least 250 pounds for lat pull downs). These are usually the commercial gym equipment. But if you are looking to just tone and firm up your body, then most home gyms will be good enough.

What to look for when buying a home gym? The best home gyms are sold with a lifetime warranty, an indication of the confidence of a company in their product. Look for products that use ball bearing supported pulleys, metal cables, and have an overall solid feel to it. Also check that you get a full range of movement when performing each exercise.

Types of Home Gyms

There are many types of home gym equipment to work out specific muscles on your body. Here are some popular machines and what they do:

Your Goal Home Gym Equipment
Flatter stomach Flat bench, hyper extension, ab crunch machine, vertical knee raise, chin/dip/leg raise, back and ab machine
Bigger chest Incline/decline bench, pec dec, smith rack w/ bench, crossover dip station
Toned legs Angled leg press, squat machine, smith rack, power rack
Great calves Seated calf machine, squat and leg press
Shapely shoulders Delt machine
Toned arms Preacher curl bench, triceps pull downs

Top Rated Models

Powertec Leverage System Home Gym
Body Solid Home Gym EXM1500S
BodyCraft Galena Home Gym

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