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Your Guide to Jewelry

Guide to buying diamonds, engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, and other fine jewelry from trusted online jewelry stores. 

Learn about caring and cleaning your jewelry. Also get news and events on jewelers and their products.

Timepieces from Calvin Klein, Nautica, Santos Cartier, Suunto, and Tag Heuer.

Jewelry shopping in HK.

2004 HK Shopping Festival Enjoys Great Success

Spending of at least HK$1.5 billion has been generated by the two-month long 2004 Hong Kong Shopping Festival. Jewellery and Watches took up the highest value - about 40% - of visitors' spending.

Buying diamonds online.

How to Buy a Diamond

Guide to help you learn more about diamond shapes, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Buying diamonds online.

Calvin Klein Watches - Swiss Made

Calvin Klein Watches

Pure, minimal, sexy, contemporary. They're more than just slogans. They are the expression of a lifestyle, and of the world according to Calvin Klein.

Tag Heuer Showcases Dual Time Zone On Carrera Twin Time

To suit the marketís current taste for larger watches, TAG HEUER has taken a decisive step forward into the 21st century by coming out with the revival of its vintage model, the CARRERA.

Diamond Scams Collection of tips to help you buy the right diamonds at the right price. Be aware of laser drilling, total carat weight, the blue white diamond, bright lights, fractional weight and 50% off diamond sales.

Cleaning Jewelry Tips and guide to keeping your jewelry clean and looking brand new. General cleaning tips are: 1) Keep jewelry away from your makeup, hairspray, perfume, etc. when possible, 2) avoid contact with perspiration, 3) store in a clean and dry place, and 4) have jewelry periodically checked by a professional jeweler.

Excellent Watches for Dads at Time Depot Giving Dad a timepiece from a recognized watch specialty store is a surefire way to impress him, make him proud and earn his respect.

Wristwear For the best back-to-school wristwear, watch retail store Time Depot offers students on the go versatile options in timepieces ranging from simple and classic, to hip & colorful, to rugged, sporty & techie, at reasonable price points.

Triax Working up a sweat does not guarantee an effective workout.

Santos Cartier This year marks the 100th anniversary of what in now known as one of the most sought after timepieces - The Santos de Cartier. To celebrate the event, Cartier designed two new models, the Santos 100 Watch and the Santos-Dumont Watch, to join the Santos Cartier Galbee watch, the great classic of the collection.

Casio Embraces UK Culture The G-SHOCK continues to kindle timepiece innovation, and a whole new generation is taking notice.

Cartier to hold exhibit at Shanghai Museum World renowned luxury jeweler, Cartier, is set to hold an inspiring jewelry exhibit at the fabulous Shanghai Museum in China this year.

Nautica Watches Seamlessly merge refined technology with rugged appeal. Sporty in contours, strong yet sleek and suited for the great outdoors as well as for the competitive workplace milieu, Nauticaís features include water resistance up to 100 meters and a chronograph display.

Nautica G-Shock These days, an ordinary watch doesnít cut it anymore. Many individuals now tend to own several watches, and for those who have gone into watch collecting, the thrill is in the hunt.

Philippine Jewels Earn International Interest Ever since it made its debut at the 2001 Vicenza Oro, intricately-crafted Philippine jewelries have steadily generated international interests.

Suunto... More Than Telling Time Today there are watches that can take digital photographs and that can connect its user to satellite.

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