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Kanebo's Yoneda Junya

Thirty-year-old Yoneda Junya admits to being a TV addict since he was a kid. But instead of animes, he likes to watch fashion shows.

Tíestimo By Kanebo Holds Make-up Demo At Rustanís

Mikiya Hirai, Japan's noted make-up artist, is now in Manila for a series of beauty demos at the Kanebo counters in Rustan's Makati, this May 6, 7 and 8 (Friday to Sunday) from 12pm to 8 pm.

Mascara Lash Out

I've always had an aversion to mascara ever since that first time I very nearly gouged out an eye with a mascara brush.

How To Choose a Foundation

There are now plenty of foundations that are not difficult to apply or uncomfortable to wear.  Many are oil free foundations that even absorb oil and provide a thin, natural looking coverage.

Here are some criteria for choosing a foundation:

  1. Oil free
  2. Oil absorbing
  3. Long wearing
  4. Shine reducing
  5. Sun protection factor
  6. Natural looking
  7. Non streaking
  8. Non drying
  9. Comfortable
  10. Does not stimulate acne
  11. Dermatologist tested
  12. Perspiration resistant
  13. Skin type

A Teenager's Guide to Buying Makeup

Turning 18, the prom, graduation, the first date... these are just some of the reasons why you, a teenager would like to buy and apply makeup.

Fortunately, there are now makeup products specifically designed for teenagers. These beauty products enhance the facial features among young girls and teenagers.

These makeup products usually consists of foundations, eyeliners, mascara, lipstick, blush, and the applicator. Compact size are also an added benefit. You can easily bring your makeup kit anywhere: to school, parties, or shopping malls.

Foundation is first applied to a clean skin. Oil absorbing foundations also reduces shiny foreheads, nose, and other places on your face. Choose a foundation that best matches your skin color.

Next is to use eyeliners to highlight your eyes to make them more seductive and attractive. Use a sponge applicator to apply color to the lower part, then blending it to the upper part. The key to to make the color blend naturally. If you are light skinned, try soft pastels. If you are dark skinned, try blue colors.

Finish off you eyes with mascara to emphasize your eye lashes.

Now it's time to work on your cheeks. Smile, then apply the blush. Smiling ensures that the blush covers your cheeks thoroughly. Put a small amount on the brush, start from the rounded part of your cheek, then brush upwards.

The objective of applying blush is to give the illusion of higher cheekbones. The ideal is to have enough blush to give you the rosy cheek effect, but not too much that it looks unnatural.

After the cheeks it is time to give your lips the plump and luscious effect. Kissable lips is the objective. Experiment with various shades of lipstick and find out the best for you.

And finally, face powders applied throughout the day will help keep your face looking fresh.

Now go out and have some fun!

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