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Photo of a Treadmill

Treadmills Shopping Guide

Shop online for some of the best treadmills for increasing your cardiovascular endurance and leg strength.

Photo credit: SmoothFitness

Home Treadmills for Toning and Keeping You in Shape

The best motorized home treadmills are those that are quiet, stable, and durable. Usually the bigger the model, the better because it provides running stability and uses larger motors that are more durable.

What treadmill to buy? Try to read treadmill reviews and consumer guide reports to help you choose the best models. Look for good user feedback and client testimonials.

Important Features of Treadmills What to look for in a home treadmill? Find out the motor horsepower, speed capability, user weight capacity, degree of incline, preset programs, belt dimensions, footprint, and grip design.

Other options to look for in a home treadmill are devices to monitor heart rate and whether the treadmill can be folded or not.

Also keep in mind factors such as noise, cushioning, and the warrantee. Buy only treadmills that come with a 1 year warranty, and if possible, look for or upgrade to a lifetime warranty. Usual problems are burned out motors which will cost a lot of money to repair.

Treadmill brands that have good reputation are Smooth, Precor, Proform, and Nordic Track.

Treadmill Reviews

Websites where you can get treadmill reviews are consumer guide, online runner's magazine, and manufacturer's websites. Some of the top rated Treadmills are:

Smooth 7.1 Power Folding Treadmill
Highlights of this machine are: 1) Smooth hushdrive 2.5hp motor, 2) premium shock absorption, 3) quiet operation, 4) long belt life, 5) pre-set programs, 6) push button electronics, 7) built in safety features, 8) dual motor fans, 9) scratch resistant powder coated finish and 10) automatic shutoff.

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This section feature companies selling treadmills online. Order and buy yours today.


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